Wolfire YouTube

Wolfire Games LLC, hereafter referred to as “the Developer,” grants the following rights to the community, hereafter referred to as "the Players":

The Developer grants permission for the Players to make videos (including, but not limited to: walkthroughs, tutorials, mod demonstrations, and reviews) of the Developer's game content and/or game soundtracks, and to publish them to YouTube, Twitch.TV, or any other such distribution service.

The Players are free to monetize videos via partner programs whereby a website may compensate them with revenue from advertisements or other means.

The Developer retains all ownership and rights of its produced content, and may terminate or change the terms of this agreement at its sole discretion, or make exceptions for videos or Players that the Developer finds objectionable for any reason.

Please email the Developer at [email protected] if you have any questions about this policy.

If you need a specific permission letter, please enter your YouTube channel name in this form below.