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Introducing Overgrowth!
Coming soon... Overgrowth Now available for preorder!

Wolfire Games develops innovative, independent games for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It was started by David Rosen in 2003 to organize his open source video game contest entries. After graduating college in 2008, he was joined by his twin brother and three friends and Wolfire Games officially dove into the independent game industry!

We have finished our first shareware game, Lugaru. Please check it out here! We are currently hard at work on the sequel, Overgrowth, and you can follow our progress on the Wolfire Blog.

Overgrowth Progress, Mid May

12 comments May 13th, 2017 by David Rosen

Project Status:

We released Steam Workshop support to everyone. We decided to kick it off with a 30% off sale, and a video with a voiceover you might recognize as Humble Bundle cofounder (and Wolfire alumni) John Graham. Lukas also had a big hand in making the video possible, by selecting the mods to showcase, taking all the in-game footage, and doing the final editing.

We hope to have Beta 4 ready for release next week. Beta 4 is one of the last betas before release from early access. Speaking of which - we now have a final official list of items to finish before we release from early access, and finally unveil the new Overgrowth campaign. It is getting a little shorter every day!

Team progress over the last two weeks:

(This is not a complete change list for all of Beta 4 - check the last two update posts for the rest of that!)

Gameplay/graphics changes:

  • Improved text wrapping in dialog overlays, and added initial version of "click to continue" prompt
  • Made camera not dip below lava surface when you die in it
  • Improved raindrop effect, made it more water-like and made droplets not streak when screen paused
  • Tweaks to spawn points in Magma Arena level to avoid some cases of spawning outside level

Modding changes:

  • Added steam workshop voting and marking favorites to mods menu
  • Small enhancements to advanced mod menu usability
  • Added depth of field cue triggers to dialog script
  • Added "defeat_optional" goal type in Overgrowth campaign checkpoints system
  • UX improvements for new prefab system ("save" doesn't require you to prefab a group yet, single items can be saved as prefabs)
  • Fixed some crash bugs and problems saving positions/bounding boxes with new improved prefab system

Performance improvements / Other bugfixes:
  • Added ability to log all assets that load while inside a level (so that we can add them to a list to pre-load)
  • Added checkbox to enable "simple water", to improve performance (turns off screen space reflections)
  • Various CPU and GPU performance improvements
  • Fixed bugs with creating OpenGL context in some cases on Windows
New campaign:
  • Level 1 major art and gameplay pass, improving the path through the level, signposting, and making it a bit harder to die
  • Extensive detail art pass on "forced fight" level, making it harder to escape, easier to fight in, and improving visibility of NPCs
  • Added new "water cave" level, and did a few detail art passes, including experiments with more dynamic water motion
  • Major art pass on 13b rat slavers level, improving path through level and adding a light platforming section
  • Minor gameplay pass on level 5, improving encounters with enemies and making the enemies a bit less placeholder
  • Tweaks to fog on rat slavers (13b) level
  • Lighting and water reflections tweaks in "forced fight" level (18)
  • Improved material properties/reflectiveness, and added ambient sounds in magma arena
  • Roughed up floor and added water puddles, and added fires for light/warmth in stands in cave arena level
  • Lighting improvements to water cave, volcano barracks, waterfall barracks, and volcano mine levels
  • Added more color-based signposting in water cave level
  • Replaced dialog in level 1-24 with new story pass
  • Hooked in new music to several levels
  • Worked on distinct character prefabs for the new campaign

Overgrowth 30% Off Sale, and Steam Workshop Now Open

5 comments May 10th, 2017 by David Rosen

We've been planning this for a long time, and have had countless requests for it.

To celebrate the public launch of Steam Workshop integration for Overgrowth, the game is going on a 30% discount for 1 week, starting now, until Wed. May 17th:

Be sure to watch the Steam Workshop trailer in HD!

You can get early access to betas of Overgrowth, now with an integrated Steam Workshop, at

Early access gives you:

  • Steam Workshop support, including new levels, character models, weapons, campaigns, and script mods (such as the bow and arrow, first person mode, lugaru co-op mode, and flying mod)
  • The fully re-imagined Lugaru campaign story mode, in the Phoenix engine
  • The prototype versus and arena game modes, and "project 60" sandbox levels (as pre-installed mods)
  • Local multiplayer if you have a keyboard mouse and a controller, or 2 controllers
  • All future Betas, and early access to the all-new Overgrowth campaign (if you want spoilers! We are still building it)
  • Access to the Secret Preorder Forum
  • Access to hundreds of additional mods that haven't yet made their way to the Steam Workshop - using the SUMLauncher application

If you'd like to see real-time news about Overgrowth, you can follow us on Twitter at @wolfire, or join us on our Discord.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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The previous week in Overgrowth, end of April edition

19 comments April 29th, 2017 by David Rosen

Project status:

Most of the features for Beta 4 have been nailed down, and there are only a few bits of work left to complete. We will likely have a Beta 4 feature lockdown very early next week, and make a release to advanced_testing on Steam. Then it's just bug fixes before that beta is released.

This is one of the last betas before we complete the new campaign, and release the game from early access.

Anton did some work to get all of the SUMLauncher mods to use the new menu system, so now a whole bunch more mods are working again with Beta 3. There are still some out of date mods, but a lot of content-only mods are working perfectly. An interesting fact: There are over 400 community-made mods in SUMLauncher.

The Steam Workshop release has gone very well, with no major problems (besides a few mods just being out of date). We mostly just have a bunch of people enjoying the new way to get mods. Thanks to all you testers for your help!

A reminder - If you want a Steam Workshop testing invite, all you have to do is ask in the right place:

Team progress over the last week:

(This is not a complete change list for all of Beta 4 - check last week's post for the rest of that!)

Gameplay changes:

  • Dogs no longer throw weapons at you (...for now!)
  • Water now puts you out if you are on fire
  • Now there's a movement speed cap while in water
  • Plants don't slow quite as much now while you jump through them

Graphics changes:

  • Made motion blur work while freezing the world (` key), so you can move the camera around and still see the blur effect
  • Improvements to consistency for shadow detail over distance
  • Improved water character splash particle effect
  • Made new poly grass render double-sided
  • Made cloud shadows better match the clouds that were casting them
  • Tweaked insect particle counts (now the world is a bit less infested)
  • Improved text rendering for the mod "description" field in the new mod menu

Modding changes:
  • Added the ability to name objects in the scene (will be useful for scripting mods)
  • Worked on improved (real!) prefab support
  • Re-added some assets that we had removed that were being used by mods
  • All mods in SUMLauncher have been updated to support the Beta 3 menu system
General improvements and bug fixes:
  • Many performance improvements on both GPU and CPU utilization
  • Improved caching and cache invalidation when deactivating mods
  • Fixed bugs with arena/versus/tutorial game modes in internal_testing (not spawning enemies, showing game-mode specific UI, or triggering game-mode specific logic)
  • Fixed split screen setting having no effect from pretty settings menu (always worked from top menu)
  • Fixed bugs launching game on Linux when using Mesa (now requesting OpenGL 3.2 core context instead of compatibility)
  • Added better error messages upon crash, such as listing which mods are activated
  • Improve detection of rapid clicks
  • And several other small bug fixes...
New campaign improvements:
  • Worked on another pass at the story for new campaign (not in game yet)
  • Fishing village - Reduced details in non-central areas, improved player path through level
  • Watchtower level - Improved NPC/enemy placement, visuals
  • Bayou - Major rework to add player path through level and add shape to the level
  • Water cave - Did a major art pass on it, and another pass after critical feedback
  • Sky ark - Improvements to ambient sounds
  • Minor tweaks - 2, 4, 17, 20
In-progress work (some of this may be present, may not quite be finished):
  • Worked on controller support in menus
  • Worked on adding steam workshop mod voting in game, in mods menu
  • Worked on better error messages while mods are set up incorrectly or data cannot be found
  • Worked on some enhancements to navmesh generation
  • Worked on adding automatic saving of play progress to mod campaigns

The past two weeks in Overgrowth development

22 comments April 20th, 2017 by David Rosen

Beta 3 kept us busy these last two weeks, so this update came after two weeks instead of one. On the plus side, that means it's twice as big!

Here's all the things we've done in the last two weeks for the game:

Change log:
  • Released Beta 3
  • Worked on defining the proposed scope and timeline for Beta 4 (faster than the last one!)
  • Fix for bug with invisible characters on ATI video cards when GPU Skinning is disabled
  • Fix for Intel HD 4000 #DRY 0:71 ';' syntax error
  • Many many small fixes and quality of life improvements on new UI (many got into Beta 3)
  • Fix sound prioritization issue for music
  • Added support for overbright decals
  • Built new (post Beta 3) mods UI to allow display of more mods at once, and to display more info per
  • mod
  • Added prototypes of SSAO support and volume shadows as check boxes in debug menu
  • Removed detail objects from shadow render pass to improve perf
  • Added ability to configure perferred audio device
  • Added ability to toggle display of any debug text
  • Made bug particles receive shadows
  • Started some experiments on a new inline tutorial system
  • Started out a test on ledge auto-grab behavior
  • Made it easier to fall off "balance" flagged objects
  • Added several idle animations (not hooked up yet)
  • Improved detail objects/textures on several assets
  • Improved perf on some tree prefabs by combining them into a single object
  • Added several recently added assets to the spawner
  • Fixed some bugs with black sky textures (seemed to be triggered by using jpg instead of tga)
  • Fix problems with saving object tint weights
  • Improvements to snow shaders
  • Worked on improved path handling to try to resolve cache invalidation issues (w/ mods, etc)
  • Fixed some graphical glitches caused by water caustics
  • Did some experiments with geometry tesselation to add more detail to some objects
  • Improvements to swamp water visuals
  • Did some gameplay prototyping of challenging encounters
  • Added firefly visuals
  • Did some hacking on super secret [redacted] prototype
  • Some fixes to new collision painting system
  • Worked on some rendering and CPU perf improvements
  • Switch to using file change notifications to detect files for live update (Windows only)
  • Fix dupe packets bugs in TCP/IP scripting support after switching levels
  • Add hotkey to launch scenegraph (CTRL + F)
  • Support tree-based UI for scenegraph, toggable to flat list
  • Started some work on supporting true prefabs instead of just group "macros" that get pasted in levels
Work on new campaign levels:
  • Rebuilt the platforms on level one to make the path clearer
  • Did a detail art pass on Level one
  • Added new ambient sounds to several levels
  • Integrated several new music tracks into new campaign
  • Added new watery cave prototype level for the new campaign
  • Added improved environmental blob shadows to several levels new the new campaign
  • Added more detail object variety to the second level and farm level
  • Worked on a proposed remake/detail pass of the "rude awakening" pit combat level
  • Did collision painting on a few levels
  • Updated lighting on beach level
  • Made obstacles taller in in rat HQ level to allow more stealth opportunities
  • Gameplay improvements/bug fixes in night time slaver camp level
  • Small updates to ice cliffs level
  • Several tweaks and improvements to volcano level
  • Updates to watchtower level

Overgrowth Beta 3 video changelog

33 comments April 14th, 2017 by David Rosen

Here is the new Overgrowth Beta video!

Don't forget that you can help support us, try out our beta (such as the one in the video), and chat with other people in early access in the Secret Preorder Forum by purchasing Overgrowth. If you'd like to see real-time news about Overgrowth, you can follow us on Twitter at @wolfire.

Be sure to watch it in HD!

The features highlighted in the above video are as follows:


  • Added Steam Workshop support (initially invite only)
  • Added new campaign/level/item pack mods types so modders no longer have to hack menus to make it easy for players to use them


  • Added back the Arena, Versus, and Project 60 prototypes as mods. You can enable them in the mods menu
  • Made water slow down characters and drown the player if head is under water too long
  • Updated walk and run animations, and gave distinct voices for non-rabbit species
  • Added ability to skip dialog by hitting enter
  • Made it easier to set enemies on fire
  • Made enemies in groups less likely to catch knives
  • Made spear always stick into target when thrown
  • Made dogs now throw weapons
  • Added options for changing game speed and enemy difficulty (experimental)


  • Added an experimental collision painting option (old collision preserved if you don’t use it)
  • Added "frame selected" feature to editor ("F" key), to focus on selected objects
  • Added “teleport to selected” feature to editor (Shift + “F” key)
  • Added editor/player camera FOV controls when in editor mode (+, -, and 0 keys)
  • Improved freeze button so that you can move the camera while game is frozen and moved freeze button to its own key (`)
  • Improved object selection when using object groups


  • Visual overhaul for main menu, pause menu, settings menu, and mods menu
  • Added splash effects and screen space reflections support to water
  • Added heat distortion and lighting shader effects to magma arena, and fixed obvious tiling of lava
  • Added back terrain edge fade effect


  • Improved performance when full shadows are enabled (when “simple shadows” is not enabled)
  • Improvements to level loading performance


  • Fixed “Error 0:71: ';' : syntax error” crash on some "Intel HD Graphics" GPUs
  • Fixed vignette effect when simple shadows are enabled
  • Fixed problem where enemies sometimes fell out of arena levels causing the level to be unbeatable
  • Fixed some causes of sound/music not working after a while
  • And many more…

These are just a few of the changes in this beta; you can find the full change log here.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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Also, feel free to support us by purchasing an early access copy of Overgrowth!

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