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Introducing Overgrowth!
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Wolfire Games develops innovative, independent games for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It was started by David Rosen in 2003 to organize his open source video game contest entries. After graduating college in 2008, he was joined by his twin brother and three friends and Wolfire Games officially dove into the independent game industry!

We have finished our first shareware game, Lugaru. Please check it out here! We are currently hard at work on the sequel, Overgrowth, and you can follow our progress on the Wolfire Blog.

Previous Week in Overgrowth - Mid August

10 comments August 14th, 2017 by David Rosen

Project Status:

The previous week has been particularly full of progress on all fronts.

We finished an initial test pass on Beta 5. We will have it ready early this week on the 'advanced_testing' Steam branch for the community to test out before making it live for everyone.

We have determined almost all of the scope we want to include in Beta 6 -- it might be the last Beta before we leave early access.

We continued to make improvements to the new Overgrowth campaign, many of which were in response to the feedback we've received during over-the-shoulder gameplay testing.

Per-usual, here's our change log. All of these changes are available in the Steam "internal_testing" build. At this point, almost all of this work will appear in Beta 6, and will not be present in Beta 5.


  • Made leg cannon take velocity into account a little bit when choosing targets
  • Made it so enemies can't trigger a dodge while they're rolling
  • Added the ability to throw startled or unaware dogs and disarm them
  • Made moving through water produce more noise, so you are more likely to alert enemies
  • Increased frequency of weapon-on-ground shine hint
  • Experimenting with removing the player in-water velocity cap
  • Added five second timeout for enemies trying to get to or grab nearby weapons (in case they can't reach them)
  • Made it so you can still enter an NPC dialogue if enemies are on patrol for you, but don't see you yet


  • Added rat-specific choke out animation
  • Got rid of character shadow "skipping" by simply getting rid of character shadows when past a certain radius
  • Transferred lighting from the Overgrowth campaign version of Magma Arena to arena mode version of map
  • Made weapon-on-ground flare scale brightness based on the level's HDR white point
  • Improved formatting of loading screen text
  • Fixed single weird animation frame when level ends, after transitioning out of a dialogue
  • Fixed an issue with animation when entering a dialogue while flipping or rolling

Modding/editor enhancements:

  • Added "Throw Trainer" NPC script param, which makes an enemy impossible to kill unless you use throws
  • Made invisible block objects now show up in collision painting so they can be collision painted
  • Made ReadCharacterFromID no longer crash the game/invoke fatalerror when the character with the given id can't be found

Performance changes:

  • Added GPU particles/custom shaders check boxes in the main settings window (no longer just top bar)
  • Moved experimental probe lighting (tet mesh, etc) and GPU skinning options to debug settings menu

General improvements and bug fixes:

  • Dropped the default music volume from 80% to 40%
  • Fixed sleeping rabbit who had ended up inside the ground in Lugaru campaign's raider camp level
  • Possible fix for bug where you could teleport an enemy to you if you threw one enemy, then quickly moved the cursor over a different one
  • Made UI properly resize when resolution is changed through the settings menu (instead of just when dragging the window)
  • Fixed crash bug in the tutorial
  • Fixed rats ending up dead in Bayou cutscene if they're left in the water after you defeat them
  • Fixed ascii bell/beep sound that was in console when logging lines were too long
  • Added extra error logging when script throws an error to show which script context it came from

New Overgrowth campaign:

  • Most/All levels: Added Depth of Field camera effects to parts of dialogues
  • Most/All levels: Worked on sheathing weapons in cutscenes so characters don't appear to impale themselves
  • White Flags Village: Added NPC-kill hotspot below village, fixed collision on ramp, and fixed issue with music
  • Watchtower: Added cliffs to keep the player in bounds, and fixed some cases where a key dialogue isn't played
  • Beach: Fixed some floating objects and collision issues. Also gave player a sword on respawn in the last two checkpoints
  • Dog Base: Fixed one dog accidentally being respawned after failing the boss fight
  • Dog Patrol: Fixed issues with dogs seeing you if you don't hold duck at beginning
  • Rebel Base: Simplified last jump, improved collision, and added increased falling damage/checkpoints
  • Tree Climb: Added checkpoints, increased falling damage, and fixed grabbable invisible block
  • Bayou level: Improved hearing of enemies
  • Magma Barracks: Made ending hotspot bigger, so you don't have a weird pause when you get to the exit
  • Magma Arena: Added light to one the lava-falls where it was missing
  • Rock Cave Arena: Moved detail objects so they are now visible (were made invisible when adding puddles before)
  • Waterfall Arena: Tweaked crowd visuals
  • Water Cave Escape: Fixed some issues with waterfalls
  • Garden Duel: Fixed collision/climbing issues
  • Sky Ark: Made player and last boss tougher, added some more guards, improved lighting in some places, fixed a hole in the bottom of a pool, did some physics painting, fixed some visual anomalies/made some visual tweaks, and removed placeholder dialogue hotspots that are not going to be used

Mod Highlight: Weapon Spawner Mod

Post reply! August 11th, 2017 by Lukas Orsvärn

Next up in our highlight series is the Weapon Spawner Mod by DoctorGester.

Be sure to watch the Weapon Spawner Mod Highlight in HD!

Check out the Weapon Spawner Mod on Steam Workshop.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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Previous month in Overgrowth - early August

2 comments August 7th, 2017 by David Rosen

Project Status:

Over the last month, we released the hotfix for Beta 4, resolved many bugs, and completed most of the new Overgrowth campaign.

We're now working on an internal gameplay test pass. This is the "over the shoulder" kind of testing, where we find a lucky person who either hasn't played Overgrowth, or has only played the arenas, and watch them play the game while they narrate their experience. This process has revealed many things for us to improve, but so far there's been nothing too unexpected.

We've been making gameplay tweaks and fixing bugs in response to this feedback. The game is nearly "feature complete" for the new campaign, and we’re getting close to being able to leave the early access phase.


  • Added explicit config presets for difficulty levels
  • Made wolves no longer dodge weapon attacks (to make them more vulnerable to weapons, again)
  • Made thrown knives that aren't caught have a chance to do more damage
  • Made enemies who are unaware of you unable to use their weapon to block attacks
  • Added tutorial for not being able to enter a dialogue while you're in combat
  • Added "press any key to continue" after level is loaded, in case you're still reading the loading screen text (also supports mouse click)
  • Added weapon sheathing while you have an enemy in a choke hold with your weapon out
  • Added the new Overgrowth campaign to the "mods" menu, hoping more people will see it, but wanting it still on the down-low since it is still not quite done yet
  • Now starts program with zero gain so audio more gradually starts
  • Made debug text display only show up while in editor mode to make it so you have to switch it off less often for screenshots
  • Player no longer targets or notices characters marked "static" (enemies in later checkpoints/goals)
  • Worked on loading screen visuals
  • Much work on new Overgrowth campaign, listed separately

Modding/editor enhancements:

  • Moved many editor menu options to "Selected" menu, since "Edit" was getting crowded/overloaded
  • Added configurable LoadingScreen image path config value to level.xml, and added field to scene graph level properties
  • Added ability to control who gets killed and who lives in kill hotspot
  • Fixed holes and other weird visual problems in hex crete corner object
  • Added "Stick To Nav Mesh" parameter for characters, so enemies can be made less likely to suicide off cliffs, etc (and then fixed some bugs in it)
  • Added ability to tweak NPC hearing ability in script parameters
  • Added rebinding support for "frame selected" and "teleport to selected" actions, and added then to "selected" menu
  • Improved mod downloading display to make it less confusing that mods are downloading, especially when progress has stalled or is paused
  • Improved error messages and error detection on mod uploads
  • Fixed some issues with collision when the nav mesh baking has been turned off to modded level loads
  • Added debug "disable fog" option, to make it easier to edit in foggy levels without having to memorize and temporarily change fog parameters
  • Added debug config toggle to skip nav mesh generation for faster loads while working on levels
  • Added debug config toggle to skip texture conversion for faster loads while working on levels
  • Added ability to turn off live update in config (during window refocus check)
  • Added absolute and relative level path getter functions in angelscript
  • Added Object::IsExcludedFromSave to angelscript so mods can better detect temporary items
  • Fixed crash when failing to load hotspot script
  • Made camera object script load failures explicit instead of silently failing in weird ways
  • Added is_player property to MovementObject
  • Added ability to change connect-to filter for placeholder objects in angelscript (now can point to other placeholders, hotspots, or whatever you need them to connect to in your mods)
  • Added ability to cast from Object@ to Hotspot@ in angelscript (should check that it is the correct object type first, of course)
  • Fixed depth test for debug line rendering
  • Fixed bug in rendering of collision painting meshes
  • Started work on new save file format that better protects mods from trodding on each other

Performance changes:

  • Added toggle so players with lower end GPUs can turn off the GPU particle field
  • Added toggle so players with lower end GPUs can turn off custom level shaders
  • Trimmed down shaders when "no reflection capture" is enabled (may reduce errors and improve performance, especially on GPUs with the bare minimum 16 TUs, where reflection capture is automatically disabled)
  • Added ability to see asset manager references in performance debug window
  • Added logging for loaded assets (including those loaded during level) to performance debug window
  • Added ability to list all loaded assets in performance debug window
  • Added a lot of assets to the preload.xml file for the new Overgrowth campaign
  • Added possible performance improvement for water splashes

General improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed Lugaru campaign saving bug on Mac (added to B4 hotfix)
  • Fixed partially black sky (and possibly fix extra dark shadow) on some Intel GPUs (added to B4 hotfix)
  • (Fixed previously and now deployed in B4 hotfix: Plant and waterfall rendering on nVidia, and added ledge grab toggle to settings)
  • Made game stay paused when you exit the escape menu (if the game was paused before opening the menu)
  • Added explicit sound mixer limiting code, which seems to have eliminated crackling when crossfading music
  • Worked on making sure assets correctly unload when they're no longer being used, especially textures
  • Renamed nav mesh extension so they are less likely to be confused for other XML files
  • Improvements to nav mesh loading and saving behavior
  • might fix bug with nav meshes sometimes being regenerated every time
  • Made navmesh connections (jump nodes) no longer able to connect to non-navmesh connection objects, and automatically remove existing incorrect connections
  • More logging when SDL fails to create the game's window
  • Possibly fixed one of the physics bugs that caused characters to fall through the world
  • Fixed bug with rain/thunder hotspot being visible in level
  • Fixed some problems with newer dialogue background display
  • Fixed overbright problems when displaying billboard textures and debug text
  • Fixed bug where shadows would look weird after changing any setting
  • Fixed a bug around progress with checking defeated enemy state
  • Fixed bugs in visual transition from ragdoll to dialogue
  • Fixed menu display on super wide aspect ratio screens
  • Fixed water rendering in split screen (by disabling screen space reflections in that case)
  • Made sure tutorial overlay text doesn't show during dialogues
  • Made enemies notice you when you bump into them
  • Made dialogue tutorial not appear unless you actually can activate it
  • Fixed a bug where dialogue tutorial wasn't getting activated/cleared properly
  • Made it so that only the player can trigger an on-defeat slow motion event when pulling a weapon out of a body
  • Various bugfixes in new audio mixer code
  • Worked on stress test script to help stress test loading and memory allocation
  • Added Crunch texture compression and texture read code path
  • Fixed multiplayer single viewport camera so it should no longer flip upside down
  • Removed some "ID -1 not found" spurious log warnings when objects are intentionally (re)assigned IDs (e.g. prefab or object load)
  • Removed some "ID -1 not found" spurious log warnings when checking if an object exists
  • Fixed a source of (rare, though less rare on build machine) random crashes and incorrect results in checksum generation
  • Made static characters no longer (sometimes) float off into sky on reset/spawn
  • Fixed some bugs with camera depth of field support
  • Fixed a decal that was cut off in first level of Lugaru campaign

New Overgrowth campaign:

  • Updates to most dialogues
  • Updates to most camera work
  • Added level loading text to all levels
  • Added more ambient sounds in most levels
  • Fixes to collision mesh for tent objects (many levels)
  • Simplified stealth sections, made stealth section harder to skip in white flags level
  • Made last friendly NPC more obviously friendly, and added alternate ending for white flags level
  • Made first enemy optional to defeat in daytime slaver camp level
  • Added stuff inside shack in night time slaver camp level, in case you get behind it and peer in between the cracks
  • Made enemies at end of watchtower level optional and despawn upon complete, in case you stealth around them
  • Made river water froth animate on watchtower level
  • Replaced tree objects in watchtower, night time slaver camp, canyon ambush, and dog fort levels with less costly objects, instead of many-object prefabs
  • Replaced tree objects in farm level (this particular level should load much faster now as a result)
  • Fixed problems causing beach level checkpoints to not work
  • Fixed several problems with navmesh in beach level
  • Added enemy kill zone in beach level for place where enemy sometimes oddly falls into, where they were very hard to find
  • Made wolf in ice cliff level stick to the nav mesh, so he doesn't suicide
  • Fixed several gaps in world on ice cliff level, now that running around on top of cliff is more viable
  • Made first guard optional to defeat and checkpoints optional to reach in dog base level
  • Made enemies start off much more clustered and more likely to swarm you if you break cover at beginning of dog patrol level
  • Fixed problems with stealth cover brush at the beginning of the dog patrol level
  • Added player KO shield, added boundaries, and fixed some floating objects in rat HQ level
  • Reworked some long dialogues in the rock arena in the new campaign so they don't cut off on lower resolution screens
  • Fixed some nav mesh bugs and checkpoint bugs in volcano mine level
  • Changed falling damage so you can't cheese your way to the finish of volcano mine level
  • Switched invisible block to force field in entrance of volcano mine level
  • Fixed some dialogue character placement issues in magma arena level
  • Tweaked lighting in magma arena
  • Fixed bug where most of cave escape level would sometimes be skipped
  • Made cave escape level a bit brighter, and made enemies stick to nav mesh instead of jumping into water
  • Made it impossible to skip first checkpoints in garden duel level
  • Fade out sky ark rolling fog when seen at a distance
  • Fix several issues in sky ark checkpoints/gameplay/visuals
  • Made sky ark level send you back to main menu after you complete it

Mod Highlight: Flying Mod

Post reply! August 2nd, 2017 by Lukas Orsvärn

Next up in our highlight series is the Flying Mod by CryptoSeven.

Be sure to watch the Flying Mod Highlight in HD!

Check out the Flying Mod on Steam Workshop.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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Mod Highlight: Lugaru Campaign Co-op mod

1 comment July 26th, 2017 by Lukas Orsvärn

Next up in our highlight series is the Lugaru Campaign Co-op mod by DoctorGester.

Be sure to watch the Lugaru Campaign Co-op mod Highlight in HD!

Check out the Lugaru Campaign Co-op mod on Steam Workshop.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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