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We have completed work on, Overgrowth, and are working on a new secret project!

Announcing Receiver 2!

9 comments December 14th, 2019 by Jessica Morris

The most realistic gun simulator ever returns in Receiver 2, which will launch early 2020. You can add it to your Steam wishlist right now on the Receiver 2 Steam Page!

Receiver 2 will launch with eight different sidearms, including the Beretta 92FS, Colt Single-Action Army, and the iconic Desert Eagle. While the original game simulated the major moving parts of each gun, Receiver 2 simulates every single internal mechanism down to each spring and screw. Every enemy can be destroyed by a single well-placed shot, using ballistic simulation based on data from shooting incident reconstruction textbooks.

Practice the Receiver virtues of resilience, focus, and courage to resist the Threat.


- Sidearms modeled down to every spring and pin.
- Enemies with physically-based damage models.
- Ballistic modeling of ricochets, penetration, and bullet drop.
- Train your mind to defend against the Mindkill.
- Become literate in how guns actually operate.



Receiver 2019 Update

2 comments September 14th, 2019 by Jessica Morris


We just released a brand new update for Receiver! There have been many improvements to the engine since we launched the game that we wanted to take advantage of, especially with regards to performance. This update should also fix a few annoying little bugs and make the game look a bit nicer overall.

Update Video


  • Much smoother performance
  • Eliminated loading 'hitch' when entering new rooms
  • Added post effects (TXAA, SSAO, bloom, color grading, automatic eye exposure adjustment)
  • Fixed problem with doorways not always aligning perfectly
  • Moved an awkward pipe obstacle
  • Fixed a problem with shell casings going to sleep in midair
  • Converted from Unityscript to C#
  • Updated from Unity 2012 to 2019


If you find any bugs, please email a full description along with your system specs to [email protected]


If you'd like to get even more involved in our community you can join our Discord server here!

Overgrowth Map Jam Results (July 2019)

Post reply! August 19th, 2019 by Jessica Morris

Every few months our talented modding community organizes an Overgrowth map jam, where the goal is to create a themed map in just ten days! July’s theme was “music” and there were some super creative entries that we’re excited to show you.

The first map is The Tower, in this map you’ll follow Thorn and Sparrow on their harrowing journey to save the world from “The Great Chill”.

Coming up second is The Jester, where you’ll take control of a mad jester as he wreaks vengeance on the king who imprisoned him.

Third on our list is The Musical Stones, which follows the adventures of Rone as he collects all four of the mysterious musical stones.

And also tied for third is Someday, a short and surreal descent into the weird and wonderful.

And lastly we have Trololo, which is the best way to learn the lyrics to the hit song of the same name.

Here are the voting results: Voting results pie chart

Thank you to everyone who participated! If you’d like to take part in the next map jam, or just stay up to date on all things Wolfire, please join our official Discord server!

Overgrowth 1.4 - Drika's story and modding improvements

Post reply! August 1st, 2019 by David Rosen

We released a 1.4 update for Overgrowth back in January! We didn't post about it here because we were having trouble with the blog system, and were too focused on our new game to work on that. It's finally fixed now, though, as one step in the process of preparing our new website! I'm sorry it took so long.

Here's the Overgrowth 1.4 update video:

In this update, we added a new story mode campaign: Drika's Story, and some improvements for modding.

The editor's spawner menu has been cleaned up quite a bit. Many new items have been added to the spawner menu (over 200!), and old ones have been cleaned up.

Now most hidden parameters for characters have also been exposed in the editor, so they're easier to find and to remember how to use.

There's also a bunch of other bug fixes and other small modding related features that have been added.

Thanks to the Wolfire community (especially people on The official Discord Server) for all the play testing and bug reporting they've been doing. Without you, this 1.4 release wouldn't have happened!


Here's the top changes in the 1.4 release. The points listed here are just a summary of all the changes. You can find the full change log here.

New Drika's Story Mode:

  • New story mode content in the Therium 2 universe
  • Drastically improved version of the mod version of Drika’s Story (so it would be worth another playthrough if you’ve played the mod)
  • A lot of new dialogue and levels
  • Graphics updates (to the Steppes especially), and more character interactions


  • Exposed most hidden parameters on characters, so they can be easily found in the editor UI
  • Made AI fear mechanics fully customizable via editor params. Can now make rabbits not flee wolves, make non-wolves scary to other species, etc.
  • Added parameter to make a specific character flee when health drops below specified value
  • Cleaned up spawner items, added all working items to the spawner that were used in levels


  • Many bug fixes. See the full change log (link above) for details
  • Many new script APIs
  • Several small improvements to the editor

If you find any bugs, please email a full description along with your system specs to [email protected]

To download the update, use Steam, or log into your Humble Bundle account.

Thanks as always for all the support. See you guys in Discord!

Overgrowth 1.3 - Controller and Language Support

14 comments July 3rd, 2018 by Merlyn Morgan-Graham

The 1.3 update for Overgrowth is now available. This will be the final update of Overgrowth for now, and we will be pausing development on the game.

In this update, we added better controller support, and support for language mods.

Controllers now work in menus, and can be rebound inside the game instead of having to hand edit the config file. You can also rebind controls for each of the players, when using the local multiplayer or split screen support.

To show off the new language localization support, we've added a mod that uses Google Translate to add support for a few different languages.

We've also made many bug fixes, some performance optimizations, and a bunch of improvements to the editor and to mod scripting.

We added a lot of modding features to hotspots, which should allow modders to make modding tools that are much easier to use. Hotspots now support linking through the editor, and support custom GUIs.

Here's a summary of all the changes in the 1.3 release. You can find the full change log in this document.


  • Added walking and bound it to left control by default
  • AI increases aggression a bit, while they are the group leader


  • Made it possible to navigate the main menu and pause menu with game controllers
  • Added ability to rebind game controller inputs in game
  • Added per-controller rebinding support
  • Improved key binding and controller binding text in tutorials
  • Made "Controller" settings menu appear/disappear when unplugging or plugging in gamepad


  • Added a "Wolfire machine translations" mod. Contains examples of translations - no promise of quality!
  • Added settings in-game to select the current language
  • Made it possible to define arbitrary languages via mod.xml in Languages tag
  • Moved existing Overgrowth, Lugaru, and Therium 2 dialogues into separate files to make them easier to localize


  • Added check box in settings menu to quickly enable/disable frame rate display (without having to enable debug UI)
  • Turned off full-quality shadows in levels where they aren’t actually visible (better performance)


  • Added quick item loader UI (CTRL + L). Hit CTRL + [Number] in that menu to quick-pick item
  • Added the ability to add connections to and from hotspots, and to launch a hotspot's custom editor (if they're built for it)
  • Made removing character also remove attached objects (but not inventory)
  • Added ability to connect and disconnect objects in the object inspector
  • Added button to open dialogue editor from object inspector
  • Moved collision paint visualization to "view" menu

Overgrowth story

  • Overgrowth Story → Canyon Ambush: Removed one of the 4 enemies in the first wave

Therium 2 story

  • Therium 2 Story → e/a (Collinpeak): Improved navigation jump node placement


  • Attempted fix for crash when launching the game on old AMD GPUs
  • Changed "Could not open GameController" error into a log message instead of a dialog
  • Fixed crash when trying to launch game if game is set to now-unplugged monitor

These are just a few of the changes in this update; you can find the full changelog here.

If you find any bugs, please email a full description along with your system specs to [email protected]

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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