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At Wolfire Games, our mission is to push the video game industry forward by challenging conventional wisdom, sharing what we learn, and exploring the positive effects that games can have on the world.

We have completed work on, Overgrowth, and are working on a new secret project!

Regarding the Valve class action

113 comments May 6th, 2021 by David Rosen

Dear gamers and game developers,

I would like to explain why Wolfire Games is seeking to represent game developers in a class action suit against Valve Corporation. I felt that I had no choice, because I believe gamers and game developers are being harmed by Valve's conduct. While I am taking on significant personal risk, I am not doing this for personal gain. If there’s any monetary recovery, it will be distributed to all developers and gamers in the class.

I did not set out with the goal of suing Valve, but I have personally experienced the conduct described in the complaint. When new video game stores were opening that charged much lower commissions than Valve, I decided that I would provide my game "Overgrowth" at a lower price to take advantage of the lower commission rates. I intended to write a blog post about the results.

But when I asked Valve about this plan, they replied that they would remove Overgrowth from Steam if I allowed it to be sold at a lower price anywhere, even from my own website without Steam keys and without Steam’s DRM. This would make it impossible for me, or any game developer, to determine whether or not Steam is earning their commission. I believe that other developers who charged lower prices on other stores have been contacted by Valve, telling them that their games will be removed from Steam if they did not raise their prices on competing stores.

While talking to other developers about problems that they were having with Steam, they kept referring to it as a "monopoly," and saying that there was nothing that we could do. I wondered, has anyone actually checked if Valve is obeying antitrust law? So I consulted with legal experts, which eventually culminated in the complaint.

As the dominant platform, when developers list their games on multiple PC stores, the majority of their sales will come through Steam. I believe this makes most developers afraid that if they don't sell on Steam, they will lose the majority of their revenue. To those developers, avoiding Steam would add unacceptable risk to the already high risk of game development in general. I believe that most developers have little or no choice but to sell on Steam and do as they're told by Valve.

I believe that businesses are free to do whatever they want within the law. However, once a company reaches a certain level of power over an entire market, the antitrust laws forbid those companies from distorting competition. I believe that Valve is taking away gamers' freedom to choose how much extra they are willing to pay to use their platform. I believe they are taking away competing stores' freedom to compete by taking advantage of their lower commission rates. I believe they are taking away developers' freedom to use different pricing models.

In my opinion, this is part of why all competing stores have failed. This suit insists that Valve stop interfering with pricing on other stores, and allow gamers and developers to make their own decisions. That’s why I joined the lawsuit.

David Rosen

Receiver 2 One Year Anniversary

Post reply! April 15th, 2021 by Jack Morris

Happy Birthday to Receiver 2!

We can hardly believe it's been an entire year since we launched Receiver 2, but as of today R2 is officially a full year old. We wanted to take a moment to say thanks to our incredible community for all the love and support we've received (heh) since the game launched. Because of you the game current sits proudly on Steam with "very positive" reviews, we're practically drowning in awesome fan art and hilarious memes, and we even won an award!

So, from all of us here at Wolfire, thank for your overwhelming support. Here's to another year of Receiver 2!

Anniversary Sale

But that's not all, to celebrate the anniversary Receiver 2 is on sale until the 21st of April so if you haven't picked it up yet, now's your chance to snag it at a lower price than normal!

But THAT'S not all, you can also get free US shipping on ANY order in the Wolfire Merchandise Store until the 21st by using code R2BIRTHDAY at checkout, this includes the Receiver 2 Compound posters we launched recently!


Receiver 2 Compound Update

Post reply! March 4th, 2021 by Cameron Morris

Receiver 2 Compound Update

We here at Wolfire have been hard at work on this compound update for months and we are so excited for you to finally experience it. This is by far the biggest addition to the game since launch!

If you have mastered all the ranks of the Receiver 2’s story mode or just need a break from tape hunting, you can now explore the brand new Receiver compound. This isn’t just a place for you to relax though, This compound is packed with new ways to improve your skills, gain knowledge, and prepare for the coming threat!

R2 Achievements

Whether you want to improve your aim before facing the turrets and drones in the dreaming or you just want to prove you're a deadeye with every gun, the live firing range is the first place you’ll want to head in the compound. This training ground allows you to use every gun uninterrupted by the threat.

R2 Achievements

Next you’ll want to head to the Challenge Dome. This area is where Receivers can compete in firing challenges, these are the ultimate tests of precision and speed.

R2 Achievements

But of course, firearms are only half of what makes up Receiver 2. This compound also contains many secrets and lore documents that are waiting to be found. Explore the sprawling compound, find these clues and maybe you will be closer to discovering the truth about the threat.

We would absolutely love to hear about your experiences at the Receiver 2 compound so jump in and get exploring!


Wolfire Monthly Update - February 2021

1 comment February 9th, 2021 by Cameron Morris


We are only a month into 2021 and here at Wolfire things are already in full swing. We are going to break down the latest Wolfire news and updates starting with a massive thank you!

Last year the Wolfire community helped Receiver 2 get into the finals of the Game Development World Championship. It was an amazing turnout and we were so grateful for the support you all showed us. Last month voting was opened for the finals and we were overjoyed that once again you all came out to show your love for Receiver 2. Thanks entirely to your passion we are proud to announce that Receiver 2 won the 2020 GDWC Fan Favourite award! We can not express how much it means to us that you are such a dedicated and supportive fan base.

Overgrowth Map Jam January 2021

Speaking of the Wolfire community, the first Overgrowth Map Jam of 2021 took place last month! If you are not aware, the Overgrowth Map Jam is a long running map creation competition currently managed by community member, Fason7. Every Jam people create Overgrowth maps, or in some cases whole campaigns, based on the Jam’s specific theme. This Jam yielded many great maps and you can try them all out for yourself on the Steam workshop!! We also streamed many of the maps over on the Wolfire Games Twitch channel. For more information on the map jam and also all things to do with the Wolfire community, we highly recommend checking out our Discord Server.

Steam Workshop[

Receiver 2 Merchandise Drop

If you are yet to check out the Wolfire Games merchandise store now is the perfect time as we just launched a brand new type of product. In addition to the many T-shirt, sticker and phone case designs available, you can now get your very own Receiver 2 poster! Not only is this a brand new design perfect for any Receiver out there but it’s also the first poster we have ever released on the store, but it certainly won’t be the last!

R1 Sale

Upcoming Content

And finally let’s talk about games! As we mentioned in our last post, Receiver 2 has been updated quite a bit since launch and we have been working hard to make sure players always look forward to coming back to the game. With that being said, you might have noticed that something strange is happening on some of our socials. We don’t quite know how, but there does seem to be some kind of message or warning making its way through to our fans. Only time will tell what it could all mean but be sure to stay updated on Wolfire Games if you want to be up to date with the latest Receiver 2 news.


Wolfire Monthly Update - January 2021

Post reply! January 14th, 2021 by Cameron Morris

Happy New Year!

From everyone here at Wolfire, we want to wish you all a happy new year! Last year was huge for us. The launch of Receiver 2 was something we had been building to for a long time and to see it finally in the hands of you folks was amazing.

R2 Achievements

Since the release, not only have you been enjoying the game but you've been using it to make your own art! Every single week we see great videos, amazing fan art, and hilarious memes, all made in the game. Checking the Wolfire Discord server is always a great experience because there’s always a new piece of fan generated content or an interesting discussion going on.

With Receiver 2 finally in peoples hands, we were able to use player's feedback to start adding to and improving the game. Of all the updates that we’ve made to the game, one of our favourites of 2020 has to be the Halloween patch. We were very excited for everyone to meet our brand new enemy, ‘The Stalker Entity’, and to be able to reveal it in such a fun way to tie it in with Halloween was a delight. Watching people's reactions to the terrifying new enemy will never get old and we appreciate people for sharing those reactions with us through Let’s Plays and Live Streams.

In 2020 we also tried a lot of new things here at Wolfire outside of game development and the response from our fans has been humbling. We have gotten more experimental with our video content, such as our series about the history of glass VFX in video games and its effect on Receiver 2’s development. We launched the Wolfire merchandise store which finally allowed people to show off their Receiver 2/Overgrowth love, and it was with that merchandise store that we were able to raise money for the charity Mermaids with an exclusive Pride variant of the Wolfire logo shirt. We also started streaming on the Wolfire Twitch channel leading to some very fun interactions with the Wolfire community.

We are not even scratching the surface of everything that happened at our little corner of the internet last year but we wanted to do a round up of some of the biggest things and give a massive thank you to everyone who has been with us and who has joined us throughout 2020. It was an absolutely wild year and while we are very proud of what we accomplished, you better believe we have more planned for 2021. So keep an eye on our socials and the Wolfire discord to see what is coming this year!

Receiver 2 Launch Trailer

The trailer we released to launch Receiver 2.

Overgrowth Meets Tekken!

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