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Introducing Overgrowth!
Coming soon... Overgrowth Now available for preorder!

Wolfire Games develops innovative, independent games for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. It was started by David Rosen in 2003 to organize his open source video game contest entries. After graduating college in 2008, he was joined by his twin brother and three friends and Wolfire Games officially dove into the independent game industry!

We have finished our first shareware game, Lugaru. Please check it out here! We are currently hard at work on the sequel, Overgrowth, and you can follow our progress on the Wolfire Blog.

Hotfix patch 1.0.5 out now

9 comments October 31st, 2017 by David Rosen

Here's the change log for the last few hotfix releases, since the 1.0 launch.

We have more fixes and improvements on the way. These are just crucial fixes or are low impact and timely:


Main game fixes:

  • Made it so checkpoints are much harder to avoid in White Flags, Watchtower, and Ice Cliffs levels
  • Made it much harder to get lost in Thick Fog level
  • Fixed bright white fog when "no reflection capture" enabled
  • Fixed one source of white screen bug on AMD RX GPUs when opening pause menu
  • Fixed crash on mod activation on linux (regarding "ModID" error message)
  • Fixed crash on linux if case is wrong on thumbnail in mod
  • Added ability to invert the X axis on mouse and gamepad input (by player request)
  • Added more items to preload.xml from Overgrowth story, should further reduce mid-level load hitching

Modding fixes:

  • Fixed crash when animation file doesn't match skeleton (only in misconstructed mods)
  • Fixed bug where cubemaps were saved with wrong filename (when using editor)
  • Allow mouse ignore on imgui, prevent stolen input with overlays (when using editor)
  • Removed some sources of log spam


  • Add preload.xml back to deploy


  • Fixes for crash when launching arena mode, some sandbox levels, and levels in some user created mods (regarding "DialogueCameraControl()" error message)

This patch is automatically applied to the Steam version of the game. You can download the DRM-free version of this patch on your Humble Bundle account.

Overgrowth 1.0

55 comments October 16th, 2017 by David Rosen

After nine years of development, we have finally released Overgrowth 1.0! Here is our launch video:

Be sure to watch it in HD!

The features highlighted in the above video are just a summary of all the changes. You can find the full change log in this document.


  • Made AI become alert more quickly and sometimes try to help a little when they find their friend unconscious on ground
  • Fixed rolling so it triggers splashing sounds in water and alerts AI
  • Tweaked wolf slap animation to land slightly later
  • Tweaks to combat tutorials
  • Made automatic ragdoll recovery only happen when on ground (no more auto air flips)
  • Several small bug fixes in Overgrowth story and Lugaru story


  • Improved graphics menu, improving resolution and windowing options, adding custom resolution support, and adding monitor selection for multi-monitor setups
  • Improved sound and mouse input sliders, and added some fixes for camera stickiness problems
  • Made disabling level shaders also disable level-specific post process shaders (e.g. heat shimmer)
  • Added depth of field blur effect in escape (pause) menu
  • Fixed some rendering glitches and made small improvements to some common assets

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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Also, feel free to support us by purchasing Overgrowth!

We're going to keep working on it post-launch, while also experimenting with new project ideas. Do you have any thoughts about what we should do next?

Overgrowth Beta 6 - The Final Beta!

25 comments October 4th, 2017 by David Rosen

We have now released our final beta version! This version features the new story mode, and is feature-complete -- we just need a couple weeks of final testing before we exit beta and release Overgrowth 1.0. At that point we will continue to support Overgrowth, using the 1.x version scheme, while exploring ideas of what to make next! Here is a video showing what's new in the final beta:

Be sure to watch it in HD!

The features highlighted in the above video are just a (very short) summary of all the changes. You can find the full change log in this document.


  • Added new finalized Overgrowth story mode
  • Added improved difficulty select menu
  • Added "Continue" option to reopen current story mode level
  • Several improvements to the integrated combat and parkour tutorial in the Overgrowth story
  • Added lethal spike object that impales both player and enemies
  • Tweaks to make Dogs, Cats, Wolves, and Rats more distinct
  • Several improvements to weapon throwing, weapon handling, and pulling weapons from enemy's bodies
  • Gave player more buffs and wider reaction windows in easier modes (even more than Beta 5)
  • Made enemies react to victory in more interesting ways
  • Made enemies no longer able to counter after ragdoll block or block while rolling (fewer unfair blocks)


  • Added brightness slider
  • Can now tweak difficulty in settings menu
  • Player invulnerability now in debug menu, invisibility on B key (if editor and debug keys enabled)
  • Added campaign progress unlock cheat to debug menu


  • Added depth of field effect to dialogues
  • Improved blending between multiple audio tracks to reduce or eliminate crackling
  • Added true fullscreen and windowed-fullscreen video options
  • Added screen transitions to level start, win, and dialogues
  • Added unique animation for choking out a rat (with a lift)
  • Improved text display on lower resolutions, and made it easier to read
  • Improved dialogue prompt symbols (? and !) above character's heads
  • Fixed some graphics glitches (skipping char shadows, water reflection in splitscreen)


  • Improved mod upload and download UI (better progress indicator/error message display)
  • Improvements to many error messages, and fewer crashes when mods are broken (XML files wrong, files missing, etc)
  • Some housekeeping on spawner menu
  • Can now control direction and speed of animated water froth decal (better moving water)
  • Made some improvements to collision painting reliability and behavior
  • Fixed problem with editor not being able to ragdoll a character (CTRL+K now works again)
  • Improvements to "mod campaign" system to make it easier to use
  • Added ability to specify dialogue color/sounds on a per-character basis, instead of per-line
  • Added "scared" flag to cats
  • Several scripting improvements


  • Fixed several asset allocation/deallocation issues to improve memory usage (and some crashes)
  • Added more assets to the preload.xml file, so fewer assets are loaded while playing levels
  • Made blood surface textures stay resident so they don't thrash memory as much
  • Minor improvements to level loading speed
  • Improved rendering performance for detail objects, shadows, water splashes
  • Improved CPU usage a little bit for collision detection


  • Fixed slow-mo not working and music playback issues in non-expert difficulty levels (less than 100% game speed)
  • Fixed some problems with characters appearing to float, falling through world, animating when dead
  • Made click to respawn prompt go away when not in Overgrowth story
  • Fixed several less common crash bugs

New Overgrowth story

  • Big gameplay tweaks to almost all levels, concentrated in beginning and end of story
  • Finalized story, dialogues, character names, level titles. Added ending
  • Added many ambient sounds, improved music (more silence, distinct victory stings, layered music in levels)
  • Updated thumbnails and loading screen images

Lugaru story

  • Added ending
  • Slight tweaks in a few places (improved shadows slightly, added more dialogue prompt ! symbols, etc)

These are just a few of the changes in this beta; you can find the full change log here.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

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Also, feel free to support us by purchasing Overgrowth!

Overgrowth Beta 5 video changelog

15 comments September 6th, 2017 by David Rosen

Here is the new Overgrowth Beta video!

Don't forget that you can help support us, try out our beta (such as the one in the video), and chat with other people in early access in the Secret Preorder Forum by purchasing Overgrowth. If you'd like to see real-time news about Overgrowth, you can follow us on Twitter at @wolfire.

Be sure to watch it in HD!

The features highlighted in the above video are just a (very short) summary of all the changes. You can find the full change log in this document.


  • Added game difficulty presets to Top Bar → Settings → Game (Casual, Hardcore, Expert)
  • Added the new Overgrowth story to the mods menu, for people who want to play it before it is complete
  • Made dogs throw weapons again, but now only within a certain range to prevent player fleeing
  • Several small enhancements to make stealth more interesting (harder, but a bit more effective)
  • Made it easier again to fight wolves with weapons
  • Added death hint support, with the particular hint chosen based on how the player died
  • Added ? or ! symbol over characters that you can talk to (configurable per level/character)


  • Added player invincibility setting to Top Bar → Settings → Debug
  • Added setting in Graphics → Debug to disable fog, so you can more easily edit levels without messing up the fog setting
  • Added "ragdoll" collision painting option, which automatically ragdolls characters that touch the painted surface
  • Added per-level settings for color saturation, under Scenegraph → Level → Script params
  • Added "Stick To Nav Mesh" option to characters, to keep enemies from running off lethal cliffs
  • Added support for loading text and background images to be displayed while a level is loading
  • Kill hotspots can now be set to only kill NPCs, only players, or both
  • Added several new idle animations


  • Many more assets are now pre-loaded to reduce hitching from asset loads during gameplay
  • Added checkboxes to disable level shaders and GPU particle fields
  • Added "simple water" option to Top Bar → Settings → Debug → Graphics, it disables screen space reflections for water


  • Improved dialogue graphics, and support for custom color/sound for each character
  • Added victory/death music stings in new campaign
  • Added camera Depth of Field effects to dialogues and when you take damage
  • Improved choke-out, sword, and knife animations
  • Added screen space refractions to raindrops, and added time-based squash and stretch


  • Fixed Versus camera flipping. It may look straight down at combattants, but should no longer flip upside down
  • Fixed menu UI resizing when resolution is set through settings menu
  • Fixed render problems for lighting/shadow of plant detail objects

New Overgrowth story

  • Most levels: Added new loading screen text and loading screen images
  • Most levels: Final draft of story - updated character dialogues
  • Most levels: New music tracks
  • Arena levels: Added crowd cheering, with cheering level based on your performance in the arena
  • Most levels: Tweaked shaders, improved environment art and lighting, customized NPCs/enemies more, made gameplay tweaks

These are just a few of the changes in this beta; you can find the full change log here.

Thanks as always for all the support! See you guys in Discord and the forums.

If you liked this video, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Also, feel free to support us by purchasing an early access copy of Overgrowth!

Previous two weeks in Overgrowth - Late August

13 comments August 31st, 2017 by David Rosen

Project Status:

Over the past few weeks, we did a test pass on Beta 5, and are almost ready to release it -- just have to finish up the video. Beta 6 is almost ready to begin its test pass, and is likely to be the last beta that we release before we leave early access.

Gameplay testing is going well, and we’ve made a lot of progress on the combat system, difficulty curve, integrated tutorial, platforming levels, campaign menu, difficulty selection menu, and bug fixes.

Since Beta 5 is frozen for testing, the changes below will be in Beta 6. If you have the game on Steam, you can help test them out now using the “internal_testing” branch. “internal_testing” is an automatic nightly build, and is not guaranteed to be stable.

To switch to that branch, open your Steam Library -> Right click Overgrowth -> Properties -> Betas tab -> switch from “NONE” to “internal_testing".


  • Added initial game difficulty settings menu under the play menu (no longer just in the top bar in the debug/editor UI)
  • Added game difficulty settings to regular settings menu as well
  • Removed tutorial from play menu, since it is now integrated into the new Story
  • Replaced "coming soon" Overgrowth campaign menu item with real menu, that supports proper unlocking, etc
  • Change "Campaign" to "Story" in menus to make it more clear that's the main content of the game
  • Added spike environment hazard that characters or player can be impaled on
  • Can now only drop weapons/items if you crouch, look down, and hit Q (so you don't drop weapons by accident)
  • Made thrown enemies take extra damage
  • Made enemies even less likely to counter throw on easier modes
  • Made enemies disarm you less often when you attack them with a knife
  • Changes to enemy AI while you have a knife
  • Made enemies dodge less often at lower difficulty levels
  • Made it so you can throw + disarm an enemy even if you have a weapon, as long as a hand is free
  • Made it so enemies can roll off ledges more easily
  • Now harder to repeatedly kick an enemy while they're down
  • Enemies now eventually go back to patrol, if you elude them long enough, but you cannot escape or hide from bosses
  • Reduced AI blocking even more on lower difficulty
  • Made it so you can't grab a ledge if you're moving too fast
  • Made it so you can't grab a ledge if your death is triggered by a fall-death hotspot
  • Made it so it's even harder to trigger a win while dead
  • If holding a knife as primary and sword as secondary, you now swap hands
  • Now allow throwing offhand weapons (prefer throwing knife over sword)
  • Now prefer drawing sword over knife, and automatically draw another weapon after throwing one
  • Testing out wolves having slower recovery when they get attacked
  • Disabled thrown weapon whoosh sound


  • Updates to wolf attack animations
  • Made enemies react to their victory in more interesting and varied ways
  • Less wiggly movement on cattails in swamp
  • Fixed black skybox bottom in volcano platforming level
  • Fixes to animations when starting dialogues

Modding/editor enhancements:

  • Added a setting to the top bar -> settings -> debug that makes the player invulnerable
  • Replace mod description with error message in mod menu if error, to make it easier to understand why there's a red X on a given mod
  • Made dialogues load and use a character name/dialogue sound/dialogue frame color mapping file
  • Added a "voice preview" (preview dialogue sound for a given character) to the dialogue editor
  • Added "play_success_sting" event to overgrowth_level, for manually triggering music progression via goals and checkpoints
  • Emitters and lights can now be enabled or disabled by script
  • Player can now be made invisible (both visually, and to enemy AI) via the “B” debug key (which requires the editor mode to be active, and the “debug keys” setting to be enabled)
  • Fixed problem with skipping dialogue previews
  • Added menu item so you can lock/unlock campaign progress for campaign menu debugging purposes
  • Refactored save structure to better support mod save data, mod campaigns, and possibly support non-linear mod campaigns
  • Added campaign menu base scripts that should be easier for modders to modify (and using them for the game's campaigns)
  • Refactored campaign structure to define level transitions in campaign instead of in level (based on "<Name>" tag in XML)
  • Dispose of debugdraw elements between levels, so they don't accidentally persist until you shut down the game
  • Extended the allowed range when of the collision painting tool
  • Press F1 again to exit editor mode
  • Added script callback so that hotspots can know if they get enabled or disabled, and forward that to children/manage internal state
  • Tutorial hotspots can now affect death hint

Performance changes:

  • Added "simple water" to regular graphics settings menu (from debug graphics settings menu)
  • Improved shadow rendering performance while zooming in
  • Improved performance when disabling detail objects
  • Improved detailobjectsurface performance, especially when zoomed in
  • Added more assets to the preload.xml file
  • Cached level info to separate smaller/faster to load file to make level loads faster

General improvements and bug fixes:

  • Made "click to continue" prompt less likely to be dismissed via a queued click, instead of waiting for a click until after it had appeared
  • Fixed slow motion when a difficulty level below expert is selected
  • Add a scenegraph log dump on crash to facilitate debugging
  • Fix repeat error popup when turning off simple shadows in top bar -> settings menu (while in level)
  • Fixed error with texture memory freeing code
  • Possible fix for crash while dragging a body when a level load is triggered
  • Possible fix for possible double delete that was triggering the code smell hounds in debug builds
  • Fixes for some music tracks failing to stop playing when a new track queued
  • Fixed some issues with music persisting after player death
  • Fixed some problems with "stick to nav mesh" behavior when knocking down enemies
  • Fixed issues with dialogues granting weapons
  • Fixed issue with "emptying" hands (triggered via message to character, in dialogues etc) for 2-handed weapons
  • Fixed problem with disarming two-handed weapons when hands are not empty
  • Fixed a problem with slow motion not triggering when enemies are killed, if other enemies are disabled
  • Reduced volume of some dialogue voice sounds that were relatively loud
  • Refactored Overgrowth and Lugaru campaigns so they use the same campaign structure as mods (added them as "core mods", which can't be disabled)
  • Fixed accidentally counting static enemies as threats for slow motion purposes
  • Fixed weird animation when holding grab while wielding certain weapons
  • Added better error handling (instead of just a crash) when asset XML is malformed in some cases
  • Made hotspot object not longer crash game if its script is missing
  • Hotspot collision object now properly released when a hotspot is destroyed, when that hotspot had previously failed to load its script
  • Fail gracefully when calling GetLevelName in scripts, when level XML "<Name>" field missing, or invalid path
  • Add validity check for loaded animation in riggedobject to prevent crash
  • Add sanity check for animpath in known crash point
  • Fixed bug in new dialogue name/color/sound file loading
  • Multiple bug fixes to improved campaign system
  • Fixed button sizing in GUI when no icon is specified
  • Removed some log spam sources
  • Customized collision objects for some assets
  • Improvements to build system (adding a "file hash" asset to internal asset handling system)

New Overgrowth campaign:

  • Some work done on the ending
  • Added/improved integrated wall running and platforming tutorial
  • Added dodge and weapon disarm tutorial
  • Improved integrated knife/weapon tutorial
  • Added death hint tutorial for how to counter enemy shoulder throws
  • Added jump kick tutorial
  • Made knockout shield more consistent across different levels
  • Moved character spawns and path points to reduce IK-triggered vertical popping
  • Most/All levels: Worked on adding dialogue sounds and colors for characters
  • Most/All levels: Updates to music tracks, added custom per-level music progression, add silence in some places, lowered music volume in some places, all to make music more dynamic and better fit the progression
  • White Flags village: Tweaks to dialogue
  • Slaver camp (day): Added invulnerable "throw trainer" enemy to beginning for a block + throw tutorial, added spike hazard, tweaks to music triggered by dialogues
  • Slaver camp (night): Added spike hazard, updated collision painting to fix some issues
  • Watchtower: Added fall death hotspots to platforming section, so you don't get set back so far on failure
  • Farm: Fixed having to replay the entire beginning dialogue after death, and camera angle at end of level (so you can see everyone you're talking to)
  • Beach: Fixed collision problems with guy leaning against ship's mast, removed metal armor buff from first sword enemy by dock, updated collision painting to fix some issues
  • Ice cliff: Added fall death hotspots to platforming section
  • Dog base: Enemies now can't see quite as far, so you get spotted before you even see your enemies less often
  • Dog patrols: Fixed enemy placement and patrol patterns so you don't have to wait ~10 seconds after every death/retry cycle to stop crouching
  • Rebel base: Added fall death hotspots to platforming section
  • Rat camp: Added spike hazard
  • Rat cache: Added fall death hotspots to platforming section (on tree), added glowing lights to make path up tree more obvious, updated collision painting to fix some issues
  • Rat HQ: Added spike hazard, updated collision painting to fix some issues
  • Arena intro pit: Made defeat goal point at correct character
  • Magma arena: Increased enemy KO shield for rabbit chars and wolf, fixed wolf spawn position, and moved some crowd billboards away from camera so less obvious they're flat
  • Volcano platforming: Added fall death hotspots to platforming section, added delay after enter to goal hotspot at top
  • Water cave escape: Added "stick to nav mesh" so enemies don't suicide off platform, made water lethal at end encounter, updated collision painting to fix some issues
  • Garden duel: Fixed crash bug due to character pos being set in odd places of dialogue script
  • Sky ark: Improvements to miniboss/boss encounters, fixed camera angle on boss dialogue, improvements to dialogues, added fall death hotspots to platforming section, updated collision painting to fix some issues
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